Light and Warmth

We were intrigued to learn about a renovation that was happening at the former Muse Winery (after being bought by new owners). We were called onsite and tasked with sorting out the bar and cabinetry and other millwork for the space. We wanted to keep the space modern and warm, and bring out the rich tones of the earth, the sun, and the beautiful setting of the Gulf Islands and Saanich Peninsula. The concept for a curved bar front, with 657 identical fir battens was born. We spaced them off the bar framing to give the appearance of floating in mid air, and secured them without any visible fasteners. This, paired with the 3" locally sourced marble bar top, gives a substantial focal point for the room. 



  • Local Fir used extensively

  • Curved local 3” marble bartop

  • 457 individual battens on bar

  • Cabinetry built onsite

  • Custom wine glassware holders

  • Wine Barrel tables

  • Outdoor seating area

  • Timber frame outdoor shade structure


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